9 obscenely expensive minerals

Let’s take a look at minerals, which are easier to find in private collections and at luxury auctions, than in industry.

1. Rhodium – a noble and very rare metal of a silvery white color. It is used in jewelry, in nuclear reactors and as a catalyst in chemical reactions. The price of such a metal is about $ 30 per gram.

2. Painite… This crystal is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest mineral in the world. Until 2005, less than 25 painite crystals were found. It is difficult to speak about the price of this mineral. It is easier to say that it is priceless.


3. Diamond – a mineral that is widely used in microelectronics, nuclear and watch industries, jewelry and other industries. A cut diamond (brilliant) can reach prices up to $ 300,000 per 1 carat.


4. Black opal – another rare stone of amazing beauty. It has become Australia’s national stone, collecting over 95% of the world’s total. Average cost – $ 2,350 per 1 carat.

Chemistry test: for experts and not so

Black opal

5. Platinum – a noble metal that is widely used in medicine, jewelry and various technical industries. The main deposits of platinum are located in Russia and South Africa. Platinum is currently priced at $ 32 per gram.


6. Gold… It is gold that has become the most popular metal in jewelry. Perhaps the secret is that the characteristic color of the metal makes it easy to claim some luxury. But, for example, not everyone can distinguish platinum from inexpensive silver. For 1 gram of gold, you will have to pay $ 43.


7. Rubies… Man has been extracting these minerals for more than 2,000 years. Rubies are considered an item of exceptional luxury and are quite rare even in jewelry stores. High quality crystals can cost up to $ 13,000 per carat.


8. Jadeite Is a rare green mineral. It is curious that the imperial grade is used in jewelry, but low-quality block jadeite is used in the heaters of saunas and baths. Expensive copies can cost $ 20,000 per carat.


9. Garnet – a group of minerals with different shades and colors. Hence the price is added: blue garnet is found in single copies, and it is considered the most expensive. In 2006, a 4.2 carat blue garnet was sold for $ 6,800,000.


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