41-year-old American Pie star Mena Suvari to become a mother for the first time


The actress announced this on her Instagram and shared the details in an interview with People.

The American Pie and American Beauty star and her husband Michael Hope will become parents for the first time. 41-year-old Mena Suvari told about this on Instagram, showing subscribers a photo with a round belly. The actress will have a boy.

The most beautiful, the most desired gift has descended on us. Despite all the obstacles, our little angel still chose us. Words are not enough for me to convey my love for this beautiful soul that has come into our lives. I will do everything to give him a better life. You are everything I wanted, the most important and the most significant

– signed by Mena kadr.

41-year-old American Pie star Mena Suvari to become a mother for the first time

In an interview with People, the actress noted that the child should be born in the spring.

I still can’t believe that something so wonderful happened to me. This is a very emotional period. It was very strange to know about this, I really can’t believe it! I had to reconsider a lot: my appetite, sleep, learning not to push myself and ask for help – for an independent woman, this is not easy,

– shared Suvari.

Mena and Michael got married in 2018 and were immediately determined to start a family. But pregnancy was not given to them immediately. The actress says they tried for months and were constantly disappointed.

Every morning I recorded my temperature and wrote on these sticks to determine ovulation. I constantly expected everything to work out, but nothing worked. At one point, I was terribly depressed and upset. I am already 41 years old, it seems that for such things you already have one foot in the grave. Then I realized that I couldn’t try anymore. I decided: destined means destined. I decided to be simple and open, as is typical for Aquarius. And by the end of July, I had strange symptoms. I did the test – and here it is!

– shared the star.

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